Fee Payment and Details

Fee amount for early registrations (until April 22, 2024): 

250 € for students (up to PhD)

300 € for seniors


Fee amount for late registration: (after April 22, 2024)

300 € for students (up to PhD)

350 € for seniors


Accompanyng person fee is being discussed with finalization of costing. Interested people will be immediatly informed as soon as decided. The payment for this will be done with the bank payment as for NON INFN people.


People associated with INFN will pay through "storno tra sezioni" and don't need to follow these instructions. 


For non INFN associates, please use the following bank account to make the payment. After the payment please send us a proof of payment to mark your registration as completed. Use the folliwing email to send the document (crismac2024@gmail.com)

BENEFICIARY*: Associazione Italiana Studenti di Fisica
IBAN: IT20J0306909606100000133131
Payment Reason: "First and last name - Crismac2024 Fee payment "  
*In case of problems with the length of the beneficiary, please insert the maximum number of letters allowed.