Jun 17 – 28, 2024
Castello dei Principi Capano
Europe/Rome timezone

Exotic quantum matter from quantum spin liquids to novel field theories

Numerous solid-state materials such as quantum magnets, van der Waals bilayers, and strongly correlated conductors are described by strongly coupled field theories involving dynamic gauge fields, and fractionalized quasi particles, both in the continuum and in the lattice limits. Three-dimensional compact quantum electrondynamics, a non-trivial conformal field theory, is seen to emerge as the ground state of the frustrated spin-1/2 antiferromagnet on the triangular lattice. This heralds the beginning of a range of broader and deeper connections between field theory, microscopics, and experiment.

This workshop aims at exploring these fascinating interconnections and to bring together experts from high-energy physics, relativistic hydrodynamics, condensed matter theorists, and computational physicists to synthesize and advance theories of exotic quantum matter. 

All of this is to be set against the backdrop of the medieval town of Pollica, in Southwestern Italy (Cilento region). The workshop will take place from the 17th to the 28th of June 2024.

Location: the workshop will take place in the Castello dei Principi Capano, in Pollica (SA).


Scientific and organizing committee:

Leon Balents (UCSB, USA)

Federico Becca (Trieste U., Italy)

Roberta Citro (Salerno U., Italy)

Lucile Savary (CNRS IRL FACTS, France)

Oleg Starykh (University of Utah, USA)


Sponsored by:

Comune di Pollica

Castello dei Principi Capano
Pollica (SA), Italy
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