Sep 4 – 7, 2023
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy - University of Bologna
Europe/Rome timezone

Suggestions for lunch and dinner

At lunch time:

Via Irenrio and the other nearby streets (Via Centotrecento, Via Mascarella, Via di Borgo San Pietro,...) are full of little locals and bars offering good chioces for a quick lunch, ranging from sandwiches, panini, piadine (the famous flat bread from Romagna filled with ham or cheese or vegetables) up to quick lunch dishes of meat and/or vegetables. 

Lady Violet and Baracca e Burattini are the closest ones. For a full but quick meal Matusel in Via Belle Arti is the closest good place. Also ethnical places are avaliable (kebab, asian, mexican,...).

The best is to use Google Map to locate them.

Also the streets exiting the town centre, after the San Donato gate (Via San Donato, Via Ranzani) are full of good places where to have a quick lunch or a pizza (for example Ranzani 13 is a good pizzeria with quick service).

After 1 p.m. all these locals can become very crowded, especially by students. The advice is to go there some minutes before 1 p.m.

Vegetarian & Vegan: Estravagario (Via Mascarella 81h), Nectare (Via Irenrio 19c)

Dinner in Bologna:

Without moving too far from the area of the Phys. Dept. the number of good restaurants is already impressive! After all, we are in the gastronomical capital of Italy...

Just two simple concepts to keep in mind:

  • there are many very good pizzerie in Bologna, but pizza is not a traditional food of Bologna. It is southern Italy, mainly Napoletan. Pizzeria Belle Arti is a very good one near the Phys. Dept.
  • if you search for "Spaghetti bolognaise", or even worse, Spageti or Spagueti, you may be disappointed. Spaghetti bolognaise do not exist. If they offer you, they are cheating! Tagliatelle al ragù is the typical one! For a debunking, read here the section "Dispel a mith: Spaghetti bolognese".

For a quick view on the other bolognese and/or emilian preparations, that made this cuisine famous in the World, we suggest you to read this webpage. Read it all, it is a very interesting journey into the gastronomical philosophy of this curious town! And you may better appreciate also what will be served during the social dinner.

Vegatarian & Vegan: Clorofilla (Strada Maggiore 64c), Malerba (Via Petroni 15b), Fram Bistro Bio Veg (Via Rialto 22)