The MAYORANA School&Workshop will take place in Modica (Sicily - Italy) at Palazzo Grimaldi, Corso Umberto I 106. Link to Google Maps

Modica is a baroque town located in the Ragusa district included in the historical Val di Noto site, in the south-east of Sicily, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Built in the Neolithic age, Modica was the capital of a powerful country, boasting a rich tradition of culinary specialties and a great artistic and cultural heritage. Today, Modica is well known for the production of its typical chocolate, which has Aztec origins.
The historic centre, which has been entirely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693, is composed by two big districts: Modica Alta and Modica Bassa. Today, walking through the streets of Modica means walking in the history, through late baroque palaces, churches, majestic staircases and great artworks. The countryside of the area of Modica, characterized by a network of dry-stone walls marking the limits of each plot, is scattered by carob trees, olive trees, prickly pears and gives very suggestive landscapes. Modica is the perfect place for your holidays in Sicily, an excellent starting point to visit the baroque towns of Val di Noto and to enjoy its golden beaches around.

Palazzo Grimaldi is an historical building (18th-19th century) in neo-Renaissance style. On the third floor traces of a late Baroque style are evident on the shelves under the balconies. The palace is the headquarters of the Giovan Pietro Grimaldi Foundation and houses in its halls a picture gallery.



Duomo di San Giorgio, Modica.

Creator: Ruggero Poggianella, on Wikimedia Commons.



views of Modica city Centre.


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