Round Table "LUNA-MV at LNGS"

Sala Majorana (Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso)

Sala Majorana

Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso

S.S. 17 BIS km. 18.910 67010 Assergi (L’Aquila) Italy
Alba Formicola (LNGS) , Alessandra (chair) Guglielmetti (MI) , Alessandra (secretary) Giusti (LNGS) , Matthias Junker (LNGS)
Since 20 years the LUNA Collaboration has been performing direct measurements of cross sections of the Hydrogen burning in the underground laboratories of Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS). Based on the success of this research activities, the collaboration is now ready for a new challenge: a MV machine to reach He burning and reactions producing the neutron sources for the s-process. This round table aims to present the status of the project and plans for the future. After a presentation of the project status, a discussion on the forthcoming works and possible task sharing among interested groups will follow.

10 June 2011
The proceedings of the workshop are available online!
Next-generation underground laboratory for Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Alba Formicola
  • Alberto Lemut
  • Aldo Cecchetti
  • Aldo Ianni
  • Alessandra Giusti
  • Alessandra Guglielmetti
  • Alessandro Bellini
  • Angela Bracco
  • Antonio Caciolli
  • Bruno Dulach
  • Carlo Broggini
  • Carlo Gustavino
  • Daniel Bemmerer
  • Davide Trezzi
  • Francesco Arneodo
  • Frank Strieder
  • Gianluca Imbriani
  • Heide Costantini
  • Jose Benlliure
  • Jose J. Valiente Dobon
  • Lian Gang
  • Liu Weiping
  • Lucio Gialanella
  • Luis FRAILE
  • Marialuisa Aliotta
  • Marin Ayranov
  • Matthias Junker
  • Matthias Laubenstein
  • Maurizio Busso
  • Michael Hass
  • Oscar Straniero
  • Paolo Prati
  • Pietro Corvisiero
  • Roberto Menegazzo
  • Zsolt Fulop