6-10 September 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Due to the COVID-19 situation the Scientific and the Organizing Committees have decided to postpone the conference to September 2021



Proceedings will be published following a process of peer review, in the proceedings section of JINST, Journal of Instrumentation.

The conference will focus on diagnostics systems, related technologies, and control systems for ITER and in general for machines aimed at the production of fusion power. The context is the operation of ITER and satellites (including JT-60SA, DTT and stellarators) and the start of a design of DEMO fusion power plant. New diagnostics realized inside the worldwide programme in support of fusion are included.


The Conference strongly encourages participation of young scientists.

The programme will include tutorial lectures, invited oral presentations and posters.

With our best regards

The Local and Scientific Secretariats


Specific areas of concentration include: 

a. Diagnostic systems: solutions and technologies for ITER

b. Diagnostics and controls for ITER: machine protection, plasma scenarios,

    burn control

c. New concepts of diagnostics for burning plasmas (Including JET DTE2)

d. Diagnostics for devices in operation in the decades of ITER (including   

    JT60SA, DTT, Wendelstein-7X, SPARC)

e. Forward look at requirements for diagnostics, controls and technologies

    of DEMO

f. diagnostics specific for fusion-fission hybrid reactors

g. Diagnostics developments in the worldwide fusion programme relevant

    for fusion reactors including data production, analysis and validation.



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