29-30 January 2019
IUSS Istituto Universitario Studi Superiori, FERRARA
Europe/Rome timezone


The workshop begins on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at 14.00 and ends on Wednesday 30 January at 16.00.

It takes place at Aula Magna Drigo - IUSS Istituto Universitario Studi Superiori - Corso Porta Mare 2, 44121 Ferrara FE.
14.00 - Welcome adresses
14.30 - Status of the SPES project at the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (Gianfranco PRETE, INFN-LNL)
15.00 - IAEA programs related to the applications of radioisotopes in medicine and industry (Joao Junior OSSO, IAEA)
15.30 - R&D activities for the production of innovative radioelements at GANIL (Anne-Marie Frelin, GANIL)
16.00 - ENSAR2-RITMI activities for improved supply of theranostic nuclides (Ulli KOESTER, Institut Laue-Langevin)

16.30 - Coffee break  

16.45 - How nuclear physics helps medicine: LARAMED (Adriano DUATTI, Università di Ferrara)
17.15 - The MEDICIS initiative (Joao Pedro Ramos, CERN)
17.45 - Radioisotope production at LARAMED (Gaia PUPILLO, INFN-LNL)
18.15 - The ISOLPHARM project: ISOL beams for medicine (Alberto ANDRIGHETTO, INFN-LNL) 

20.00 - Dinner 
9.15 - Compact accelerator-driven neutron sources and their applications (Yoshiaki KIYANAGI, Nagoya University) 
9.45 - Neutron cross section measurements for astrophysics and applications at the nTOF facility at CERN (Luigi Giovanni COSENTINO, INFN-LNS)
10.15 - A neutron facility at the INFN-LNL (Luca SILVESTRIN, University of Padova) 

10.45 - Coffee break  
11.00 - Hadron therapy at LNS: from the conventional approach to the frontiers of biological enhancements and laser-driven applications (Pablo CIRRONE, INFN-LNS) 
11.30 - Recent results on proton-CT (Carlo CIVININI, INFN-FI) 
12.00 - Micro and nano-dosimetry at LNL (Valeria CONTE, INFN-LNL)
12.30 - Nuclear fragmentation and particle therapy (Vincenzo PATERA, INFN-ROMA1)  

13.00 - Lunch 
14.15 - Materials science and nanostructures produced with GeV heavy-ions (Christina TRAUTMANN, GSI) 
14.45 - Nuclear physics applications with ion beams (Lucio GIALANELLA, INFN-NA) 
15.15 -  Cyclotron activities at Sofia (Demeter TONEV, Univ of Sofia)
15.30 - Discussion and conclusions (Giovanni CASINI and Adriano DUATTI) 
16.00 - Conclusion