Oct 3 – 5, 2018
Europe/Rome timezone

Special Focus

  • ICFDT5 Special sessions are dedicated to: "Diagnostics systems for Advanced Accelerator Concepts" and "Innovative Nuclear Fusion Devices".
  • ICFDT5 special satellite meeting is dedicated to: "Metamaterials and their application to diagnostics systems".
  • ICFDT5 special argument to be treated in the context of general sessions: "Diagnostics for detecting fast and ultra-fast events".


  • Special session on "Diagnostics for Advanced Accelerator Concepts".
    Novel acceleration techniques, based on either plasma wakefields or THz fields, feature electron bunch parameters at the cutting-edge technology. In particular, bunch durations ranging from several femtoseconds to tens of femtoseconds, with precise knowledge of the longitudinal profile, and transverse size of the order of micron are mandatory for the design of future table-top X-ray sources and remain a big challenge due to the resolution limit of existing diagnostic techniques.
The development of novel instrumentation is essential to improve the performances of advanced accelerators, which require online monitoring of the injected electron bunch, measurement of longitudinal phase space to control energy spread, and single shot emittance measurement. In this regard, non-intercepting, single-shot methods are preferable for such kind of applications. In addition, in particular for plasma-based accelerators, the knowledge of the plasma source, in terms of density profile and temperature, is a key parameter to control the electron acceleration, gaining in efficiency and stability.
  • Special session on "Diagnostics for Innovative Nuclear Fusion Devices".
    Innovative Nuclear Fusion Devices are needed in the next phase of the research for the realization of Nuclear Fusion Reactors. The high neutron fluxes and their integrated value in time , typical of the fusion reactors, and the huge space dedicated to the 'blankets' for the conversion of the neutron energy in the generation of tritium and energy ,   limit strongly the possibility of  installation of standard diagnostics to measure and control important plasma quantities .  This leads to the so-called minimum set of diagnostics for machine protection and  burn control.  In the context of machine protection,  the diagnostics for the divertors is an important topic to be developed.
  • Satellite Meeting on "Metamaterials and application to diagnostics".
    Artificial materials create always enormous interest.
    The introduction of the concept of metamaterials: artificial systems formed by embedding highly subwavelength inclusions in a host medium, is the promise for exotic physics responses impossible to achieve with the existing materials, as well and the capability to tailor their properties to specific applications.The first material with a negative index of refraction and the first experiments date back to early this century together with the introduction of the concept of ‘‘perfect lens’’. Important classes of metamaterials garnered enormous attention in recent years and the possibility to exploit extreme properties to control the wave/matter interaction is just one of the many stimulating area of investigation. In the last decade fascinating applications has been imagined and these are now in progress. The Satellie Meeting of ICFDT5  is not only devoted to the metamaterials community. We want  to show the usefulness of this research area, the many useful current applications and those foreseen – well beyond what we could have only done with the old ideas and old materials of the previous century.