Oct 3 – 5, 2018
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Programme

Regular Sessions are dedicated to the general topics:

  • Measurement of temperature and density;
  • Energy spectrum of particles;
  • Imaging in various ranges of wavelengths;
  • Technique of analysis of massive databases;
  • Spectroscopy.
ICFDT5 Special sessions are dedicated to: 
  • Diagnostics systems for Advanced Accelerator Concepts;
  • Innovative Nuclear Fusion Devices.
ICFDT5 special satellite meeting is dedicated to:
  • Metamaterials and their application to diagnostics systems.
ICFDT5 special argument to be treated in the context of general sessions will be:
  • Diagnostics for detecting fast events.
Arguments to be treated in the context of ICFDT5:
  • Imaging
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fast particles
  • Analysis Tools for massive databases
  • Measurements of Temperature and density
  • Diagnostics for Advanced Accelerator Concepts
  • Metamaterials and their applications
  • Diagnosing fast events
  • Innovative Fusion Devices