XV Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics

This event is organized by INFN, University of Sassari and by the Centro Siciliano di Fisica Nucleare e Struttura della Materia. The Seminar offers lectures to Ph.D. students, medical physicists and young researchers working at Universities or Research Institutes.

The Seminar is organized in didactic units on software developed in the field of Medical Physics.

The lectures also include a full official basic course on the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit. Lectures will cover all aspects of the toolkit from basic installation through advanced topics and will be interspersed with examples that build a progressively more complex application, extensible to real space and medical use.
On the last day of the School, students will have the opportunity to test their learning achievements through a written exam. The successful outcome of the test will be reported on a written certificate for those interested, to be requested on arrival, at the registration desk. A simple attendance certificate will also be available on request.

The school will also offer a small course on FPGA programming technique.

Registration is opened, a maximum number of 45 participants will be admitted.
The deadline for the participation is May the 20
th and the fee is 200 


A limited number of grants are available. They cover fee and accommodation expenses only. No support for travel expenses is available. 

Participants are recommended to bring their own laptop. A virtual machine with Linux-CentOS and a ready-to-use Geant4 installation will be provided in the next weeks, together with the installation instructions. The virtual machine can be run by using VirtualBox, a free software available for MacOS, Windows and some flavours of Linux: it can be downloaded from https://www.virtualbox.org.
 Students having problems with VirtualBox and/or with the virtual machine will be able to connect, via ssh, to a pre-configured local machine.

Staying at Hotel Porto Conte is mandatory for all the participants. 
Visit the Facebook page of the school to get news and updates.



GEANT4 course material

Link to the virtual machine (VirtualBox compatible)

Link to the VirtualBox software

Link to the tasks

Link to the Geant4 application in medical diagnostic energy range

Link to the test 


Basic knowledge of the C++ computing language and a private laptop. A ready-for-the-use Virtual Machine (CentOs7) has been prepared and can be downloaded from this link. (8 GB). The VM includes a working installation of Geant4 10.4, compiled with a few commonly-used graphical drivers, of ROOT (and more). Once the VM is unpacked (total size about 20 GB), it can be run by using VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a freeware software available for MacOS, Windows and some flavours of Linux: it can be downloaded from https://www.virtualbox.org. The credentials to access the VM are user/user (administrator is root/infn2018, to be used with care). All students are invited to download the VM well before the course and to give it a try. A local instance of the VM will be provided as a last-chance solution, for students having a Linux laptop not compatible with VirtualBox.

Hotel Registration Form
  • Alex Wall-Clarke
  • Alexander Knyazev
  • Alice Cryer
  • Andrea Attili
  • Angel Demerdjiev
  • Chiara Capelli
  • Claudia Brizzolari
  • Domenico D'Urso
  • Dorothea Wölk
  • Emanuele Scifoni
  • Enrico Calloni
  • Enrique Muñoz
  • Erika Kollitz
  • Fabio Colamaria
  • Fatma Sawy
  • Federica Baffigi
  • Federico Davide
  • Francesca Cova
  • Fulvio Ricci
  • Gabriel De La Fuente Rosales
  • Giada Petringa
  • Giorgia Mantovani
  • Giuseppe Antonio Brischetto
  • Giuseppe Magro
  • Giuseppe Trombetta
  • Jacopo Magini
  • Jorge Roser
  • Julia Dierle
  • Keida Kanxheri
  • Kevin Thieme
  • Louis Filipe Castelo Branco
  • Luca Zanotti
  • Luciano Pandola
  • Luigi Rigon
  • Luisa Alunni Solestizi
  • Marcello Campajola
  • Marco D'Arienzo
  • Mariele Romano
  • Marilena Bandieramonte
  • Marine Huault
  • Michael Steffens
  • Michele Migliore
  • Michele Urbani
  • Mirko Mariotti
  • Mohammad Javad Safari
  • Neeraj Kurichiyanil
  • Nina Höflich
  • Pablo Cirrone
  • Paolo Bosco
  • Pedro André Silva Gomes
  • Petr Bilek
  • Piernicola Oliva
  • Pietro Pisciotta
  • Raushan Kabytayeva
  • Sebastiana Puglia
  • Sebastien Incerti
  • Slobodan Milutinovic
  • Valentina Pirozzi Palmese
  • Valeria Sipala
  • Valeria Sipala
  • Valerio Ricciardi
  • Yanina Biondi
    • Dinner
    • Welcome address
    • School Introduction
    • 1
      Radiobiology applications of Nuclear physics calculations
      Speaker: Emanuele Scifoni (TIFP)
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • 2
      Simulation tools for hadrontherapy: treatment planning and radiobiological simulations
      Speaker: Andrea Attili (TO)
    • Geant4 School: Geant4 Introduction
      Convener: Dr Luciano Pandola (LNS)
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch + Break
    • Geant4 School: Installation and practical session
      Convener: Dr Pietro Pisciotta (LNS)
    • Geant4 School: Hands-on
    • Geant4 School: Practical session (task 0)
    • Geant4 School: Hands-on
    • Dinner
    • 3
      Simulation tools for hadrontherapy: treatment planning and radiobiological simulations - Hands on
      Speaker: Andrea Attili (TO)
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • 4
      Geant4 School: Materials and Geometry
      Speaker: Pietro Pisciotta (LNS)
    • Geant4 School: Practical session on geometry and materials (Task1)
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch + break
    • 5
      Measuring normality and pathology in medical imaging. From the physical signals to diagnosis, fighting the sources of noise and variability.
      Speaker: Dr Paolo Bosco (INFN - Pisa)
    • 6
      The Brain Simulation Platform of the Human Brain Project
      Speaker: Michele Migliore
    • Geant4 School: Generation of primary events and particles and practical session
      Convener: Dr Luciano Pandola (LNS)
    • Geant4 School: practical session on primary events (Task2)
    • Dinner
    • 7
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee break
    • 8
      Introduction to Gravitational Waves
      Speaker: Fulvio Ricci (ROMA1)
    • 9
      The future of Gravitational Wave detection is passing through Sardinia
      Speaker: Enrico Calloni (NA)
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch + break
    • 10
      GeantV R&D: meeting the challenges of future HEP simulation software
      Speaker: Dr Marilena Bandieramonte
    • Geant4 School: physics, models and cuts
      Convener: Dr Giada Petringa (LNS)
    • Geant4 School: practical session on physics models and cuts (Task3)
    • Social Event: Trip to Alghero and Social Dinner

      Trip to Alghero and social dinner

    • 11
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee break
    • 12
      Medical imaging with synchrotron radiation
      Speaker: Dr Luigi Rigon (TS)
    • 13
      Overview of the Geant4-DNA extension of the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch + break
    • Interaction with kernel - part 1
      Convener: Dr Giada Petringa (LNS)
    • Pratical Session on Kernel part1
    • Interaction with Kernel - part 2
      Convener: Giuseppe Cirrone (LNS)
    • Pratical Session on Interaction with Kernel - part2
    • Dinner
    • 14
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee breack
    • 15
      The FLUKA Monte Carlo code at CNAO: an overview on its applications in Medical Physics
      Speaker: Giuseppe Magro (P)
    • 16
      Speaker: Dr Sebastien Incerti (CERGB, Bordeaux, F)
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch + break
    • Geant4 Examples
      Convener: Giuseppe Cirrone (LNS)
    • Geant4 Pratical Session: Task5
    • Final examination and certification issue