Scientific Programme

It is our purpose to foster an informative and exciting workshop and keep the informal spirit of lively discussions that represents the true success of these meetings.

The sessions will be coordinated by Conveners that will give a general overview and invite short talks (5-15 min.) on the following topics:

  • Empirical aspects of Quantum Phase Transitions

    Conveners: N. Pietralla (

                              R. Casten (

  • Symmetries & shapes in nuclei

    Conveners: A. Leviatan (

                              J.M.Arias (

  • Transitional nuclei and shape coexistence

    Conveners: J.E. Garcia-Ramos (

  • Shell evolution

    Conveners: T. Otsuka (

  • Excited states phase transitions

    Convener:  P. Cejnar (

  • Alternative approaches to phase transitions

    Conveners: Yu Zhang (dlzhangyu_physics@

  • Phase transitions in atomic, molecular and other domains

    Conveners: R. Bijker (

                              F. Pérez-Bernal (

  • Density functional approaches to phase transitions

    Convener: D. Vretenar (

Participants are encouraged to contact the conveners directly in order to propose a theme for discussion.

The initial focus has progressively broadened to include topics that are closely connected to the original topic such as excited state quantum phase transitions, shape-coexistence, shell evolution, phase transitions in atoms and molecules and other domains of quantum physics.