Nov 5 – 10, 2017
Venice (Venezia), Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Practical Details

Practical Details


The Official language of the MICROS 2017 Symposium will be English.
All abstracts, papers and presentations must be in English.
HOW TO REACH Venice (Venezia), Italy
By plane
Venezia ( Venice), Italy,  is served by its own International Venice Airport named “Marco Polo” (airport code: VCE), located at Tessera about 13 km from Venice city (Piazzale Roma) and, among others, by the nearest International airport of Treviso-Sant’Angelo named “A. Canova” (airport code: TSF), 31 km away from Venice city (Piazzale Roma) and often called “Venice-Treviso international airport” .
Be aware that some European low cost airlines operate flights to just Venice-Treviso airport (not to Venice/Venezia “Marco Polo”).
Therefore be careful to check the final destination of your flights.

Arriving at the International Venice Airport “Marco Polo”:
The International Venice Airport “Marco Polo” is connected by mainland roads to Venice “Piazzale Roma” Bus Station by continuous running bus services operated by “ACTV” and “ATVO” companies.
ACTV line 5 connects the airport to Piazzale Roma in approximately 25 minutes by mainland road; a combined 90-minute bus/“vaporetto” ticket is also available.
ATVO Express Service will take you to Piazzale Roma in about 20 minutes.
ACTV and ATVO (one-way or return trip) tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices in the airport arrival lounge or either at the ticket machines in the baggage claim area and at the bus stops.
ATVO tickets may also be purchased on board or online.
A detailed timetable and updated bus fares can be checked on the ACTV and ATVO website, respectively.
The Venice “Marco Polo” airport is also connected via sea to Venice city center “San Marco / San Zaccaria dock” by “Alilaguna” lines (BLUE, ORANGE and RED-via Murano).
A detailed timetable and updated bus fares  can be checked on the Alilaguna website. Alilaguna (one-way or return trip) tickets can be purchased at the the “Alilaguna Desk” in the arrivals lounge, at the ticket machines in the baggage claim area, at the ticket office at the “vaporetto dock” and on board the “vaporetto”.
A (land) taxi service is also available, operated by “Radiotaxi Venezia” connecting Venice “Marco Polo airport” to Piazzale Roma. The journey lasts approximately 15-20 minutes
It is also possible to catch a “water taxi” from the “Marco Polo” airport to Venice city center.
Further information on the  “Radiotaxi Venezia”, “Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia” and “Venice WaterTaxi” website, respectively.
Be aware that taxi is a more expensive choice than bus.

Arriving at the International airport of Treviso-Sant’Angelo “A. Canova” :
The International airport of Treviso-Sant’Angelo “A. Canova” is connected to Venice “Piazzale Roma” bus station or railway station “Santa Lucia” by bus services operated by “ATVO”. The “Barzi Service” buses connect the Treviso airport to the “Tronchetto isle”
You can easily reach Venice center from “Tronchetto” by taking the “People Mover” that brings you to Piazzale Roma in a few minutes or taking “vaporetto - line 82” which brings you to the heart of the city
By train
Venezia is connected by railway to every major city in Italy and to the rest of Europe.
The main Venice city railway station (Stazione F.S. "Venezia Santa Lucia") is on the “Canal Grande” (Grand Canal) in the Northwest corner of the city.
Some through trains do not terminate at Santa Lucia, stopping instead at the “Venezia-Mestre" railway Station on the mainland.
All trains travelling to and from “Santa Lucia” stop at Mestre, so to get from “Venezia-Mestre” to Santa Lucia, or vice versa (a 10-minute trip), take the first available train, (remember: you must have the proper train ticket).
Please check the European train schedule (in case you are travelling by train from Europe) or the Italian train schedule (if you are getting to Venice from another Italian city).
From Venezia “Santa Lucia” railway station you can walk (approx 20-30 minutes) to the selected Hotel or catch a "Vaporetto" (public “water bus”), to the stop closest to your final destination.
For further details on the “Vaporetto” timetable see ACTV Home Page:
By car
Venezia can be reached by car through the Italian highway network:

  • highway A4 from west (from Torino/Turin) or east (from Trieste)
  • highways A1 and A14 (till Bologna and then A13), A13 (till Padova and then A4) from the South
  • highways A22, A23, A27 and A28 from the North (from Brennero, Tarvisio, Belluno and Pordenone, respectively; and then A4).
The final car destination in Venice city is “Piazzale Roma”.
Arriving at “Piazzale Roma” it is necessary to leave the car in one of the car parks running there (on payment): Autorimessa Comunale ASM Venezia; Garage S. Marco spa
before entering “Piazzale Roma”, just on the right at the end of the “Ponte della Libertà” (the long bridge entering in Venice), following the street-signs, it is possible to park at the “Tronchetto” isle car park: “Venezia Tronchetto Parking srl”.
You can easily reach Venice center from Tronchetto by taking the “People Mover” that brings you to Piazzale Roma in a few minutes or taking “vaporetto - line 82” which brings you to the heart of the city
before entering the “Ponte della Libertà” (the long bridge entering in Venice), just on the left, following the street-signs, it is possible to park at the “San Giuliano” isle car park (“San Giuliano Car Parking - ASM car park”).
From “San Giuliano” you can reach Venice by “vaporetto” that takes you to the Venice city stop “Fondamenta Nuove” (15 minutes walk from “Piazza San Marco”).



Public transportations in Venice (Venezia) are necessarily based mainly on boats (“vaporetti”, “water buses”).
At the date of publication of this note,  the “one-way” (validity of 75-minutes) ticket costs 7,50 Euros.
A special “ Venice Event Card ”  issued by “Agenzia Vela – ACTV, Venezia” is made available for Participants to a specific event (including congresses), through the event organization, for cheap access to all the public transportations in Venezia and its surroundings (Venezia, Venezia Lido and Mestre), without limitation in trip or additional costs, depending only on the chosen “card validity”.
The costs of the “Event Card”, depending on its “validity” (in days), are:
3 days card : 28,00 Euros
5 days card : 35,00 Euros
8 days card : 48,00 Euros
The interested Micros2017 Participants (and their Companions) are invited to purchase in advance, through the travel agency “Primarete Viaggi e Vacanze, Padova-Italy”,  the “Venice Event Card” filling in the appropriate section in the Micros2017 “Registration Form”.

The number (1 or more) of cards requested and the card validity wished have to be specified.

The Event Card is an individual travel document, reporting the details of the Event/Congress of reference.

Each traveller must have his/her own card.
The purchased “Event Card” will  be distributed to the applicants at the Micros2017 Conference Desk.


All Registrants are kindly asked to wear badge during MICROS2017 Symposium.
It will be specifically required for access to scientific sessions, lunches, poster area and social events.

Companions and exhibitors are admitted to the symposium common areas and purchased social events but only wearing the badge they will be given at Conference Desk.


Lunches are included in the Conference registration fee and will be served at the “San Trovaso Restaurant” (just close to the conference venue).

Companions wishing to have their lunch at the “San Trovaso Restaurant” may purchase vouchers directly at the Conference Desk.


Please, visit the “Social Events and Companions’ Programme” page in this website

Official letters of invitation to the conference can be provided to participants upon request.

Such letters are sent only for visa and permission purposes under no obligation for the Organizing Committee.

Requests should be sent to the MICROS2017 Conference Secretariat (


The Italian/European currency is EURO  (€ ; eur).

The weather in November in Venice (Venezia) is generally fairly mild, with an average temperature of 10°C.
Rainfalls and wind are however possible, therefore rainwear/overcoat and sweaters are recommended.

Between October and March, Venezia seasonal flooding may occurs, known as “acqua alta”. The sight of Piazza S. Marco underwater is memorable. During this period duck-boards (“passerelle”) are set up to move around the city without getting wet.