XII Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics

Porto Conte Alghero

Porto Conte Alghero

Località Porto Conte
The Seminar offers lectures to PHD students, Postdoctoral scholars and young researchers working at Universities or Research Institutes. The Seminar is organized in didactic units on software developed and used in fundamental and applied physics, theoretical and experimental. The lectures also include a series of lessons on the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit and.  
A specific official and complete Geant4 course, in fact, is organized and it will include theoretical as well as practical sessions. Basic concepts on the ROOT analysis software will be also discussed. 
Please, give a look to the General Information page, for the prerequisites to attend the Geant4 lessons and the related practical sections.
The partecipation fee has been fixed at 100 
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  • Adele Lauria
  • Andrea Celentano
  • Anna Selva
  • Arslan Dawood Butt
  • Burns Jonathan
  • Chabouh YAZIDJIAN
  • Domenico D'Urso
  • Federica Agostini
  • Francesca Romana Pantaleo
  • Francesco Fienga
  • Francesco Romano
  • Giovanni Francesco Ciani
  • Giulia Cozzi
  • Giuliana Milluzzo
  • Helga Margrete Holmestad
  • Ingrid Isabel Valencia Lozano
  • Jan Mayer
  • Jan Philipp Goecke
  • Karolina Kokurewicz
  • Laura Marini
  • Leonor Frazao
  • Loris D'Alessi
  • Luca Pagani
  • Luciano Pandola
  • Marcin Kasztelan
  • Maria Cristina Battaglia
  • Maria Cristina Montesi
  • Mattia Donzelli
  • Merle Reinhart
  • Michela Negro
  • Michele Occhipinti
  • Nicolò Marchese
  • Olena Kulyk
  • Olivier Delaune
  • Pablo Cirrone
  • Piernicola Oliva
  • Riccardo Agnello
  • Richard Gillham Darnley
  • Tahmina Akhter
  • Tommaso Boccali
  • Toseef Mahmood Khawaja
  • Valeria Sipala
  • Vincenzo Vagnoni
  • Viviana Mossa
  • Álvaro Perales Molina