20-24 July 2015
Polo Didattico Fibonacci
Europe/Rome timezone


Parallel introductory lectures by national tutors

20 Jul 2015, 09:30
Aula Magna (Polo Didattico Fibonacci)

Aula Magna

Polo Didattico Fibonacci

Bldg E Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 I-56127 Pisa Italy

Presentation Materials

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Pierre Descouvemont (Bruxelles), Stéphane Grévy (Bordeaux)
20/07/2015, 09:30
Andrei Andreyev (York), Stefan Typel (GSI)
20/07/2015, 09:30
Baohua Sun (Beihang University)
20/07/2015, 09:30
Alessia Francesca Di Pietro (LNS), Gianluca Colo' (Milano), Jose' Javier Valiente Dobon (LNL), Lorenzo Fortunato (Padova)
20/07/2015, 09:30
Antonio Moro (Sivilla), Dolores Cortina-Gil (Santiago de Compostela)
20/07/2015, 09:30
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