June 29, 2015 to July 3, 2015
Europe/Rome timezone

The proton spin-dependent structure function, g2, at low Q2

Jul 2, 2015, 3:00 PM
Room PS4 (Building E, Polo Fibonacci, Pisa)

Room PS4

Building E, Polo Fibonacci, Pisa

Talk Hadron Structure and Meson-Baryon Interaction Working Group Parallel Session 5 - Hadron Structure & Meson Baryon Interaction WG


Ryan Zielinski (University of New Hampshire, Dover)


The Jefferson Laboratory accelerator has been used to great effect in the study of the polarized structure of nucleons. Measurements of the spin-dependent structure functions have been proven to be powerful tools in testing the validity of effective theories of Quantum Chromodynamics. While the neutron spin structure functions, g1n and g2n , and the longitudinal proton spin structure function, g1p, have been measured over a wide kinematic range, the second proton spin structure function, g2p, has not. This talk will present the E08-027 (g2p) experiment, which was an inclusive measurement of g2p in the resonance region at Jefferson Lab's Hall A. This is the first measurement of g2p covering 0.02 GeV2 < Q2 < 0.2 GeV2. The experiment will allow us to test the Burkhardt-Cottingham Sum Rule at low Q2 as well as extract the longitudinal-transverse generalized spin polarizability and compare it to predictions made by Chiral Perturbation Theory. In addition, the data will reduce the systematic uncertainty of calculations of the hyperfine splitting of hydrogen. An update on the status of the analysis, along with preliminary results, will be presented.

Primary author

Ryan Zielinski (University of New Hampshire, Dover)

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