Sep 9 – 20, 2024
Castello dei Principi Capano
Europe/Rome timezone

Fundamental physics and gravitational wave detectors

Gravitational waves (GWs) from compact binaries have been detected in the kHz regime, and Pulsar Timing Arrays are revealing a GW background in the nHz band. Experimental ideas spanning from nHz to MHz are being explored to cover the gravitational spectrum. This is an exciting time to explore what GWs can uncover about fundamental physics and cosmology by detecting astrophysical and primordial GW sources, as well as exploring effects that could be induced by various Dark Matter candidates.

This workshop will unite astrophysicists, cosmologists, and particle physicists to discuss open questions and define theoretical targets, guiding the field in experimental strategies across the gravitational spectrum to learn about our Universe.

All of this is to be set against the backdrop of the medieval town of Pollica, in Southwestern Italy (Cilento region). The workshop will take place from the 9th to the 20th of September 2024.

Location: the workshop will take place in the Castello dei Principi Capano, in Pollica (SA).


Scientific and organizing committee:

Sebastian Baum (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

Djuna Croon (Durham U., UK)

Paolo Pani (Sapienza U. & INFN Roma, Italy)

Davide Racco (ETH and U. of Zurich, Switzerland)

Géraldine Servant (DESY and U. of Hamburg, Germany)


Sponsored by:

Comune di Pollica

Castello dei Principi Capano
Pollica (SA), Italy
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