Jul 15 – 17, 2024
Hotel Continental Ischia
Europe/Rome timezone

The 2024 workshop is focused on atmospheric monitoring and on the detection and study of events related to atmospheric electricity.

The atmosphere is an integral component of many high-energy astroparticle detectors. These include Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (IACTs) and ground or space based cosmic-ray extensive air shower detectors. All these observatories use the atmosphere as a giant calorimeter where cosmic rays and gamma rays deposit their energy and initiate extensive air showers; it is also the medium through which the resulting Cherenkov and Fluorescence light propagates, and through which it is attenuated and scattered before reaching the detectors. Clearly, a precise and quantitative monitoring of the atmospheric aerosol and molecular conditions is mandatory for an accurate reconstruction of the detected events. Moreover, the consolidated interest of major cosmic ray and gamma ray observatories in phenomena related to atmospheric electricity expanded the scope of interest of the conference to include this topic. It is important to understand and possibly monitor the effects of atmospheric electricity on cosmic and gamma ray measurements. At the same time, high-energy astroparticle detectors represent an opportunity to study atmospheric electricity phenomena (ELVES, TGFs, …) with large aperture and timing/spatial resolution.

The workshop aims to encourage discussions among participants of different but complementary fields, allocating specific time slots for discussion.


Proceedings of the workshop will be published on Journal of Physics Conference Series.

Important dates and deadlines :

   • Registration : from March 6th to May 31st
   • Abstract Submission: Apr 30th
   • Notification of Acceptance: May 7th   
   • Fee Payment Deadline: May 31st  
   • Conference dates: July 15th - 17th 
   • Proceeding Submission: July 20th  

Hotel Continental Ischia
via M. Mazzella 70 80077 Ischia (NA)
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