1. The ICFDT7 proceedings  will be published on the Journal of Instrumentation (JINST).

2. The paper format follows the JINST prescriptions which will be found on JINST website. 

3. Conference proceedings articles are published in JINST on the same basis as regular research papers. According to this scheme, authors may choose to publish their proceedings on an open access basis: this option may be obtained either by paying an Article Processing Charge (as described at the following link: or at no cost for the authors in the cases regulated by the new Transformative Agreements between our publishers and a number of institutions (please check the list here: agreements/) where corresponding authors may be eligible if affiliated to those institutes. 
Otherwise, readers can access their proceedings through their institutional subscription to JINST, which is offered at a very affordable price (most main institutes already subscribe to the journal). 

4. Start date for the submission of the paper for the ICFDT7 proceedings is 21 October 2024. 

5.The deadline for the submission of papers  for the ICFDT7 proceedings is 31 December 2024.