Fee payment

The fees and how to pay


Conference Fees 
200Student and postdoc
150Accompanying Person
40Social Dinner


The conference fee for participants covers for the three days:

  • the costs for the workshop venue and facilities
  • 5 coffee breaks
  • 3 lunches
  • an aperitif on the first day (poster session)

The social dinner is not included in the fee and has an extra cost of 40 Euro.
It will be held on October 12th, 2023

The conference fee for accompanying person covers for the three days:

  • 5 coffee breaks
  • 3 lunches
  • an aperitif on the first day (poster session)
  • the social dinner

Fee Payment instructions    

Please read before taking action and follow the instructions carefully as mistakes can compromise the payment of the fee.    

People associated with INFN can pay through "storno tra sezioni" (also the social dinner, if one wishes to participate, can be paid thorough the storno) and don't need to follow these instructions. Unless they have an accompanying person. This cannot be paid through storno but through the agency, following the same instructions of NOT INFN participants.

Fees can be paid through bank transfers and credit cards.

Once registered on the INDICO relevant Registration page, kindly download and fill in the this form. All participants paying through the agency must fill in the form.

After you have made the payment (either by credit card or bank transfer), please send by mail the proof of payment and the duly filled form to the agency entitled to collect the fee and to issue the receipt of payment.
In the mail kindly use as subject the following:
"NNN23 Workshop - First and last name - proof of payment and filled form".


If you wish to pay by credit card use as subject:

"NNN23 Workshop - First and last name - filled form".

Please be aware that the Registration will be considered "complete" only after the payment has been processed and a proof of payment has been received.
The agency entitled to collect the due amount will issue and send you by mail the receipt of payment.

Payments by Bank Transfer (Instructions)
Please transfer the relevant (total) amount as requested in the form, (for instance 300+40+150 euros if you are a faculty that attends the social dinner and have an accompanying person) to:

BANK: Unicredit Banca 
ADDRESS: via Filangieri 52 - 80121 Napoli (Italy)
IBAN: IT14B0200803466000103134213

Payment Reason: "First and last name - NNN23 workshop fee" (for instance, for Gianfranca De Rosa that would be: "Gianfranca De Rosa NNN23 workshop fee").

Kindly make sure that the recipient receives the net amount (without bank charges. The LOC will not cover any bank expenses, thus they will eventually be covered by the participant). 

Further Information
For any further information regarding payments and receipts, please refer to the agency entitled by the LOC for these purposes, at the following email address: info@studiocongress.it


Eventual refunds requests must be in writing by mail to the Conference Secretary as soon as possible.
The Conference committee reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of part or all of the fee in the case of late cancellation. However, each case of cancellation will be considered individually and decision will be taken depending on the reason for cancellation.

For INFN employees and/or INFN Associated ONLY 

I Dipendenti e Associati INFN NON DEVONO contattare l’agenzia: la fee si paga attraverso il sistema di STORNO fra Sezioni (Indicare correttamente sul modulo di registrazione).

Si prega di compilare SOLO il Registration Form di INDICO e di indicare la Sezione di appartenenza e quella che pagherà la fee. L'importo totale può essere comprensivo anche della cena sociale (es. fee 200 + cena sociale 40 = 240). Si deve necesariamente passare attraverso l'agenzia SOLO se si intende pagare la fee per eventuale accompanying person. 

INFN employees and/or INFN Associated DO NOT HAVE to contact the agency, as the payment will be made through the STORNO system. Please indicate your INFN Unit or the one that should issue the payment on the Indico Registration Form. Please be aware that the total amount can include the social dinner (for example: fee 200 + social dinner 40 = 240). One must go through the agency ONLY if a fee for a possible accompanying person has to be paid.