Rules for participants from Russian and Belarusian institutions

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent statement of support from some Russian Federation Institutes and considering the recent measurements taken by the CERN council, transposed by INFN, the 22nd International Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon decay and Neutrino Detectors (NNN23) Local Organising Committee has decided to suspend the participation of all the researchers affiliated to the institutions located in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Belarus in all scientific committees and activities related to the NNN 23 conference.
Much as we deplore the politicisation of science, NNN23 cannot be associated in any way with such institutes. In NNN23 there will be no presentations, plenary or parallel, by speakers or authors affiliated with Russian Federation or Belorussian institutions. As a consequence, people employed by these institutions should participate to the conference activities on personal basis (without their affiliation).