MicroBooNE's latest results

Oct 13, 2023, 10:10 AM


Hotel La Torre, Via Giovanni da Procida, 22 , Procida, Italy
Abstract for a "contributing talk" Third Day - Contributed Talks


Lu Ren (Colorado Boulder, USA)


MicroBooNE is an 85-tonne active volume liquid-argon time projection chamber located in the Booster Neutrino Beam and NuMI beam at Fermilab. It was operational from 2015 to 2020 and collected the largest neutrino-argon interaction dataset to date. The primary goals of MicroBooNE are to understand the low-energy excess observed by MiniBooNE, make precise measurements of neutrino interactions on argon, and search for beyond-the-Standard-Model physics. In this talk, I will present some of the latest results from MicroBooNE, with an emphasis on neutrino-argon cross-section measurements.

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