Gravitational Wave Detection is rapidly emerging as an area of physics and astrophysics research. Enhanced LIGO and Virgo+ have completed science data runs. Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo have started construction, LCGT has been approved and GEO is on the way to use squeezed vacuum. In space, LISA Pathfinder is nearing launch and there has been continued progress with LISA and DECIGO mission definition. Now serious attention must be paid to the rapid development of the ideas and technologies for the next generation of detectors, both terrestrial and space based. The purpose of this workshop is to explore and try to further define which of these are either best suited for the next generation detectors or may find application in upgrades of Advanced Detectors. Some time will be devoted to novel approaches to gravitational wave detection, broadening the frequency spectrum of observation.

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Deadline for registration is Friday, April 29th. Registration form and logistic information are linked from the left menu.

Meeting sessions will start in the morning of Monday, May 23rd and finish in the evening of Friday, May 27th.

Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday, May 22nd and to leave on Saturday, May 28th.

La Biodola, Isola d'Elba, Italy
<a href=>Hotel Hermitage</a> 57037 La Biodola Isola d'Elba (LI), Italy