Jun 6 – 8, 2011
Caffè Pedrocchi
Europe/Rome timezone



Slides of the presentations are available clicking on the titles or here: www.lnl.infn.it/~mir/Casimir2011/

Monday June 6th, 2011

Tuesday June 7th, 2011

Wednesday June 8th, 2011



V. Dodonov (40'+20')
Introductory review of the Dynamical
Casimir effect [PDF]

C. Braggio (40'+20')
The MIR experiment : status and perspectives

T. Mendonca (40'+20')
Dynamical Casimir effect of photons in ultracold matter


Coffee break  (30')

Coffee break  (30')

Coffee break  (30')


R. Johansson (40'+20')
Dynamical Casimir effect in
superconducting microwave circuits

G. Johansson (40'+20')
Theory for an investigation of
the dynamical Casimir effect in
superconducting circuits


K. Yamamoto (40'+20')
Dynamical Casimir effect and its detection with Rydberg atoms in cavity QED






I. Carusotto (40'+20')

Dynamical Casimir emission and 
back-action effects in optically  modulated  microcavities

C. Wilson (40'+20')

Photon generation in an electromagnetic cavity with a time -dependent boundary

R. Schuertzhold (40'+20')

Radiation from moving refractive index perturbations - Dynamical Casimir effect, Unruh or Hawking radiation ?








I. Bialynicki-Birula (40'+20')
Casimir effect  : A global view




E. Akkerman (40'+20')
Dynamical Casimir effect and particle creation from the
perspective of quatum mesoscopic physics


R. Passante (30'+10')
Dynamical Casimir-Polder forces



D. Dalvit (30'+10')
Toy model for photon creation in a cavity
with time-dependent conductivity : a quantum open systems approach.

P. Maia Neto (30'+10')
Angular momentum and the Casimir effect


A. Dodonov (30'+10')
Analytical and numerical analysis of the atom-field dynamics in nonstationary cavity QED



Coffee break (20')

Coffee break (20')

Coffee break (20')


F. D. Mazzitelli (30'+10')
Quantum dissipative effects on imperfect moving mirrors

A. Fedotov (30'+10')
Dynamical Casimir effect in a contracting  cavity



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Daily summary (30')
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Daily summary (30')
Coordinator  to be chosen

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