Jun 26 – 30, 2011
Centro Culturale Altinate, Padova, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
First Workshop of the European Gamma and Ancillary Detectors Network (EGAN) of ENSAR. The aim of the EGAN 2011 Workshop is to present the status of the gamma-spectroscopy research in Europe and to discuss its perspectives. Sessions will be dedicated to the presentation of recent theoretical studies, the latest results obtained at the gamma-ray facilities in Europe, and to the discussion on the challenges of the future research, the experimental campaigns and technical developments within gamma-ray techniques. The main topics to be discussed at the workshop are: • shell structure far from stability • isospin degrees of freedom • high spin structure • superheavy nuclei • nuclear astrophysics • collective excitations • nuclear moments • spectroscopy with radioactive ion beams • gamma-ray detectors technology • complementary instrumentation Annual Open Meeting of the AGATA Collaboration: Thursday 30th June will be dedicated to the annual open meeting of the AGATA collaboration organized by the AGATA Collaboration Council where the status, results and plans of the AGATA project will be discussed. Meetings of the EGAN Working Groups: Friday 1st July will be devoted to the meetings of the EGAN Scientific Committee and of the Working Groups coordinating the ancillary instrumentation developments.
Centro Culturale Altinate, Padova, Italy
Sala Polivalente
Via Altinate 71 Padova Italy