Jul 6 – 13, 2022
Bologna, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Oscillations of Majorana neutrinos in supernova and CP violation

Jul 8, 2022, 7:05 PM
1h 25m
Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy

Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi
Poster Neutrino Physics Poster Session


Artem Popov


Leptonic CP violation is one of the most important topics in neutrino physics. CP violation in
the neutrino sector is also strongly related to the nature of the neutrino: whether it is a Dirac
or a Majorana particle. In this contribution CP-violating effects in Majorana neutrino
oscillations in supernova media are studied. We show that resonances in neutrino-
antineutrino oscillations induced by strong magnetic fields of astrophysical objects appear in
the case of nonzero CP-violating phases. Our findings suggest a potential astrophysical setup
for studying the nature of neutrino masses and leptonic CP violation and may be important
for future neutrino experiments, for example, such as JUNO and Hyper-Kamiokande.

Based on: A.Popov, A.Studenikin, “Manifestations of nonzero Majorana CP-violating phases
in oscillations of supernova neutrinos”, Phys.Rev.D 103 (2021) 11, 115027.

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