Jul 6 – 13, 2022
Bologna, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Triple-leptoquark interactions for tree- and loop-level proton decays

Jul 7, 2022, 2:45 PM
Room 10 (Magenta B)

Room 10 (Magenta B)

Parallel Talk Beyond the Standard Model Beyond the Standard Model


Prof. Svjetlana Fajfer (University of Ljubljana and J. Stefan Institute)


We study the impact of triple-leptoquark interactions on matter stability for two specific proton decay topologies that arise at the tree- and one-loop level if and when they coexist. We demonstrate that the one-loop level topology is much more relevant than the tree-level one when it comes to the proton decay signatures despite the usual loop-suppression factor. We subsequently present detailed analysis of the triple-leptoquark interaction effects on the proton stability within one representative scenario to support our claim, where the scenario in question simultaneously features a tree-level topology that yields three-body proton decay p→e+e+e− and a one-loop level topology that induces two-body proton decays p→π0e+ and p→π+ν¯. We also provide a comprehensive list of the leading-order proton decay channels for all non-trivial cubic and quartic contractions involving three scalar leptoquark multiplets that generate triple-leptoquark interactions of our interest, where in the latter case one of the scalar multiplets is the Standard Model Higgs doublet.

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Primary authors

Prof. Ilja Dorsner (University of Split) Prof. Svjetlana Fajfer (University of Ljubljana and J. Stefan Institute) Dr Olcyr Sumensari (Universit ́e Paris-Saclay)

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