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Sep 7 – 9, 2021
Urbino/Palazzo Battiferri
Europe/Rome timezone


Sep 8, 2021, 5:45 PM
Urbino/Palazzo Battiferri

Urbino/Palazzo Battiferri

Via Aurelio Saffi, 42, 61029 Urbino PU
Experimental Gravitation Experimental Gravitation


Angela Dora Vittoria Di Virgilio (PI)


Precision measurements of the Earth rotation make it possible to investigate fundamental physics, as they contain general relativity terms, such as de Sitter and Lense Thirring, and can provide unique data to investigate possible Lorentz violations. These measurements require high sensitivity, usually parametrised as the fraction of the average Earth rotation rate; the limit to be reached to study fundamental physics is 1 part in 10^9 and long term continuous operation. Present high sensitivity ring laser gyroscope have already fulfilled those requirements.
The GINGER (Gyroscopes IN General Relativity) project focuses on fundamental physics, using an array of Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLG). The GINGER apparatus and its potentiality will be described. Present study indicates that sensitivity of 1 part 10^12 is feasible using ring lasers.

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