May 17 – 21, 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Second Announcement

GWADW 2021 will take place remotely on May 17-21, attempting to favor participation from around the world. The workshop hosts sessions with prerecorded talks and live Question and Answers time, a poster session with many-to-many interactions, and workshops. The organization is progressing, and the main points are described here.
This is a dense bulletin, please read it carefully.

Scientific Program

The Scientific Program includes:

Physics (aimed at Instrument scientists)

  • Gravitational Wave Perspective
  • Multimessenger Astronomy Perspective

Advanced detectors

  • Experience from current detectors
  • Beyond second generation

Next detectors

  • Third generation design
  • Third generation infrastructures
  • R&D facilities and plans

Space missions


  • Low frequency workshop
  • Cryogenics workshop
  • Scattered light workshop
  • Coating thermal noise workshop
  • Quantum noise and optical configurations workshop
  • Controls and machine learning workshop


Registrations are now open.
Thanks to INFN and the association “Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics” we are able to waive the registration fee.
As the number of participants is limited, we invite you to register rapidly and in any case within May 10.
Should it prove to be necessary, a waiting list will be set up.

Workshop structure

Plenary sessions will take place on Zoom™ while workshops, the poster session and social interaction will be by means of™.
The sessions consist of two-hour slots according to the following scheme. We encourage anyway to make full use of the rooms for informal discussions, with the virtual venue being open 24 h a day.
Plenary sessions of the first two days are dedicated to the Questions and Answers on prerecorded talks
The poster session is at plenary time on the third day.
Two workshops take place in parallel at different times of the day, to favor global participation. The workshops have in principle one or two 2-hor slots.
The fourth day is meant for the workshop conveners to prepare their summary and for informal meetings.
The fifth day we shall have the workshop summaries and conclusions.
Below is a high-level schedule for Central Europe Summer Time. A different time zone can be set at the web site (unfortunately half hour shifted time zones are not supported).

For reference here is the schedule of a typical day for different time zones. (Sunrise and sunset are used to identify the session, using Greenwich as origin…).

Workshop schedule and conveners

The current workshop schedule is as follows.

  Monday 17  
Sunset friendly Coatings thermal noise Scattered light
  Tuesday 18  
Sunrise friendly Cryogenics Low frequency
Sunset friendly Control and machine learning Quantum noise and optical configurations
  Wednesday 19  
Sunrise friendly Coatings thermal noise Scattered light
Sunset friendly Cryogenics Low frequency
  Thursday 20  
Sunrise friendly Control and machine learning Quantum noise and optical configurations
Plenary Spare Spare
Sunset friendly Spare Spare
  Friday 21  
Sunrise friendly Spare Spare


The workshop conveners are:

Coatings thermal noise Elisabetta Cesarini Stuart Reid Gianpietro Cagnoli
Controls and machine learning Bas Swinkels Gabriele Vajente  
Cryogeny Paola Puppo Kazuhiro Yamamoto  
Low frequency workshop Masaki Ando Conor Mow-Lowry  
Quantum noise and optical configurations Martina DeLaurentis Sebastian Steinlechner  
Scattered light Andreas Freise Alena Ananyeva  



We invite you to submit an abstract for your contribution as an abstract booklet will be made available to participants. The abstract can be submitted at registration time or later. At submission time you may indicate the preferred session.
Prerecorded talks are expected to be 20 minute long. A summary slide to introduce the Q&A session is welcome. Technical instructions for recording submission are being prepared.
Workshop contributions are usual presentations, following the indications of the workshop conveners.
Poster can be in the form of a few slides, to allow better vision on the screen.
We are looking forward to meeting you online.

Francesco Fidecaro
on behalf of the organizers,
Marica Branchesi, Shinji Miyoki, Kentaro Somiya, Rana Adhikari