May 24 – 26, 2021
US/Eastern timezone

Scientific Programme

 Monday May 24th                     Tuesday May 25th   Wednesday May 26th 

11:00 - 13:00 EDT

Science Question 1


11:00 - 13:00 EDT

Science Question 5


11:00 - 13:00 EDT     

Science Question 3


13:00 - 13:40 EDT

Poster session: SQ1 and SQ2    

13:00 - 13:40 EDT

Poster session: SQ5 and SQ4 

13:00 - 13:40 EDT

Poster session: SQ3 and SQ6 

13:40 - 15:40 EDT

Science Question 2


13:40 - 15:40 EDT

Science Question 4


13:40 - 15:40 EDT

Science Question 6



Monday, May 24

SQ1: Fast Release Mechanisms (Chairs: Marc Swisdak, Christina Cohen)

Invited Speaker: Mike Shay (20 +5)

Topic: "A review of the 0.1 reconnection rate problem and the development of turbulent reconnection"

Invited Speaker:  Jiong Qiu (20 + 5)

Topic: Observational constraints on flare energy release

Contributed talks: (10+3)

  1. Seiji Zenitani: "Plasmoid-dominated turbulent reconnection in a low-beta plasma"

  2. Emily Mason: "Trigger Shy: An Observational Study of a “Rosetta-Stone” Solar Eruption"

  3. Muni Zhou: "Statistical description of coalescing magnetic islands via magnetic reconnection

Discussion (25)

Panel members:

Sophie Musset, Noriyuki Narukage and  Amitava Bhattacharjee

SQ2: Onset of flare energy release (Chairs: Spiro Antiochos, Jiong Qiu)

Invited Speaker: Mark Linton (20+5)

Topic: Theory and Models of Flare and CME onset

Invited Speaker: Lyndsay Fletcher (20+5)

Topic: Observations of Flare and CME Onset

Contributed talks: (10+3)

  1. Paulo Simoes: “Hot X-ray Onsets of Solar Flares”

  2. Joel Dahlin: “Temporal Evolution of the Guide Field in Eruptive Flares”

  3. Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta: “Dynamic Evolution of A Solar Flare Current Sheet”

Discussion (25)

Panel members: Angelos Vourlidas, Xudong Sun and  Peter Wyper

Informal poster viewing and discussion in Gathertown 

Tuesday May 25

SQ5: Particle transport (Chairs: Dale Gary, Mitsuo Oka)

Invited speaker: Loukas Vlahos (20 + 5)

Topic: The role of turbulence in constraining transport in flares

Invited speaker:  Natasha Jeffrey (20 + 5)

Topic: Observations of particle transport in flares

Contributed Talks (10+3)

  1. Sargam Mulay: "Evidence of chromospheric molecular hydrogen emission in a solar flare observed by the IRIS satellite"

  2. Xiaocan Li: "Modeling Large-scale Electron Acceleration Associated with Magnetic Reconnection"

  3. Hamish Reid: "Type III burst fine structure from Langmuir wave motion in turbulent plasma"


Panel members:  Stuart Bale, Victor Melnikov, Meriem Alaoui

SQ4: Ion acceleration during impulsive flares (Chairs: Christina Cohen, Bill Daughton)

Invited Speaker:  George Ho (20 + 5)

Topic:  Observations of low energy particle spectra in impulsive events

Invited Speaker:  Qile Zhang (20 + 5)

Topic:  Simulations of ion spectra

Contributed Talks (10+3)

  1. Mykola Gordovskyy  “Data-based MHD-particle modelling of solar flares”

  2. Andy S.H. To  “The Evolution of Plasma Composition during a Solar Flare”

  3. Gerry Share  “Solar-Flare Particle Acceleration And Interaction Studies Using Gamma Rays”

Discussion (25)

Panel members: Vahe Petrosian, Glenn Mason and Melissa Pesce-Rollins

Informal poster viewing and discussion in Gathertown

Wednesday May 26

SQ3: Electron energization (Chairs: Fan Guo, Bin Chen)

Invited speaker: Marina Battaglia (20 + 5)

Topic: Multi-wavelength observations of electron energization in solar flares

Contributed speaker: Shunsaku Nagasawa (10 + 3)

Topic: Study of Time Evolution of Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission from the M-Class Solar Flare

Invited speaker: Harry Arnold (20 + 5)

Topic: Macroscale modeling of reconnection-driven electron energization

Contributed speaker: Philippa Browning (10 + 3) 

Topic: Modelling and detecting oscillations generated by magnetic reconnection in solar flares

Contributed speaker: Nicolina Chrysaphi (10 + 3)

Topic: Radio diagnostics of electron shock acceleration in the corona at LOFAR frequencies

Discussion (25)

Panel members: Joel Dahlin, Mitsuo Oka and Philippa Browning

SQ6: Flare and nanoflare heating (Chairs: Tai Phan, Kathy Reeves)

Invited speaker: Dana Longcope (20 + 5)

Topic: Physical constraints on energy release and heating in solar flares

Contributed speaker: Alexander Warmuth (10 + 3)

Topic: Thermal-nonthermal energy partition in solar flares: current state and first results from STIX

Contributed speaker: Stuart Bale (10 + 3)

Topic: A solar source of Alfvenic magnetic field switchbacks: pressure-balanced remnants of transition region structure on supergranulation scales

Invited speaker: Li-Jen Chen (20 + 5)

Topic: Plasma heating and acceleration in Earth’s low-beta magnetotail

Contributed speaker: Graham Kerr (10 + 3)

Topic: He I 10830 Emission in Solar Flares

Discussion (25)

Panel members: Jim Drake, Jeff Reep, Paola Testa

Informal poster viewing and discussion in Gathertown