Working Group 2: Particle acceleration

Jul 8, 2021, 5:00 PM


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Working Group 2: Particle acceleration

  • Diana E. Morosan (Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, P.O. Box 64, FI-00014 Helsinki, Finland.)
  • Silvina Guidoni (American University)


X-ray and radio imaging and spectroscopy observations yield essential information for the understanding of plasma heating and the acceleration and transport of high-energy particles in solar eruptive events. Radio data provides plasma, magnetic field, and particle diagnostics in the corona and complements hard X-ray diagnostics in the chromosphere and dense coronal structures. The next generation of missions (e.g., Solar Orbiter/STIX) and advanced radio telescopes will bring light to currently unanswered questions, but also introduce new challenges and questions. It is likely that substantial progress in the field can only be achieved by collaborative work among observers and modelers. Therefore, this working group welcomes contributions on recent results in X-ray and radio observations, especially those addressing the complementary nature of radio and X-ray observations, as well as advances in associated particle acceleration models. We are also interested in studies that explore the limitations of high-energy observations and models, provide diagnostic tools or describe needed observations to constrain theories, and aim to develop a common language for scientists working in these areas or research. 

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