Oct 18 – 22, 2010
INFN - Sezione di Trieste
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Fast front-end electronics

Oct 19, 2010, 11:30 AM
INFN - Sezione di Trieste

INFN - Sezione di Trieste

Padriciano 99 I - 34149 Trieste


Fast Front-End Electronics for Energy and Timing Measurements

Deep submicron CMOS technologies offer the possibility of implementing multi-channel front-end ASICs for radiation detectors with sampling speed in excess of 10 Gsamples/sec, time resolution below 100 ps, energy resolution above 8 bits and power consumption in the order of milli-watts per channel. In this lecture the key issues involved in such complex designs will be discussed and the most recent developments in the field will be reviewed. Emphasis will be given to the design of the critical analog blocks and to the techniques that must be applied to make possible the co-existence on the same chip of sensitive front-end amplifiers with fast digital circuits. Two case studies will be discussed in detail: a timing circuit with 100 ps resolution for silicon detector and a front-end for photomultiplier tubes with rate capability in excess of 10 MHz per channel.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Angelo Rivetti

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