The school, organised by the Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV) in February 2021, aims at providing robust and deep knowledge of Physics and Astrophysics of the compact objects in the context of General Relativity and its possible modifications. The school will include courses devoted to the detection and the analysis of the Gravitational Wave signals emitted by these objects from the nano to kiloHertz frequency bandwidth.

The School is intended for PhD students and young post-docs. Students are requested to attend all lectures and seminars to receive the certificate of participation.

Due to pandemic reasons, the school will not take place in Vietri sul Mare, as initially announced, but via online. The SIGRAV committee decided that the online event has no registration fee.

Courses will be held online via Zoom platform. Partecipants will receive the Zoom link just before the sessions start.



  • Physics of compact objects in General Relativity and beyond
    • Prof. L. Gualtieri (Roma Sapienza)


  • Astrophysics and detection of gravitational wave sources
    • Dr. A. Sesana (Milano Bicocca)


  • Data analysis and General Relativity tests
    • Prof. W. Del Pozzo (Università Pisa)


  • Multimessenger Astronomy with Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Signals
    • Prof. M. Branchesi (GSSI)


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