Sep 21 – 25, 2020
Europe/Rome timezone

COVID-19 info

Useful resources for the pandemic


At the time of writing (September 10th), Italy is experiencing a relatively small but not negligible number of COVID-19 cases. Currently, nationwide the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants over a period of 14 days is about 30, which is among the lowest in Europe and worldwide (source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).

In preparation for your travel, here are some useful resources:


Travel and entry restrictions: up-to-date information concerning travel within the European Union can be found at The current (September 10th) information for Italy is that travel is unrestricted from most Member States of the European Union (plus the UK), as well as from countries that participate in the Schengen Agreement, with some notable exceptions. Travellers who have visited Bulgaria or Romania must self isolate for 14 days. Travellers who have visited Croatia, Greece, Malta or Spain are required to produce a negative swab test made shortly before or shortly after entering Italy. Detailed information is provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All persons travelling to Italy from any foreign location are required to fill in a self-declaration form.


Regulations to be observed while in Italy: please see the FAQ page of the Italian Ministry of Health. As of September 10th, travel on the National territory is unrestricted, but social distancing regulations are in place (keeping a distance of at least 1m whenever possible, and wearing a mask otherwise; additionally, masks must be worn indoors as well as outdoors if distancing is not possible). See the FAQ for details.


Regulations to be observed on the conference premises: the conference will take place at the Teatro Verdi in Padova. Wearing a mask is mandatory in o the premises. Masks and sanitizing gel will be provided on the premises. Entrance will be refused to participants with fever (body temperature of 37.5C or higher). For traceability, the phone numbers of all people entering the premises will be collected. Participants will be accommodated in the stalls (platea), guaranteeing the distancing required by law with a significant further safety margin. In any case, participants are required to wear a mask also when seated. In view of the pandemic we have decided to forgo all social events and common meals (i.e. welcome party, social dinner, coffee breaks and lunches). Participants may consult the map for ideas on where to get snacks or meals (there are multiple options near the premises).


Current situation in Italy and Europe. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control monitors the situation in EU area, providing updated information concerning the number of cases in the last 14 days and region-by-region maps. More detailed information for Italy may be found on the website of the Italian Civil Protection agency.