Jul 22 – 26, 2019
Europe/Rome timezone

Troubles with uploading


You might find problems with the uploading.

CASE 1: when going to My Contributions you do not find any contribution


CASE 2: you do have the contribution in My Contributions but then you do not have the possibility to upload Presentation Material (at the bottom of the page)



Most likely the email of the indico user you are logged in as does not match the email of the Speaker/Submitter Author of your contribution.

This might happen because when submitting the abstract and filling the author field

  • you searched and found yourself in the indico database because your name was already added as author manually by somebody else using a different email
  • you entered your author data manually and filled in a different email (you did tried to use the email associated to your account, but Indico said that email was already used...).

An extreme case is when the contribution author does not have an email at all. When submitting the abstract you added yourself manually and you filled only the Name/Surname fields.

Most probably you did not set the "Speaker" or "Submitter" flags


  • CASE 1: you can try fixing this adding your second different email used for the abstract Speaker/Submitter to your Indico profile.
    To do this:
    • go to your account settings (upper corner right)
    • go to "My Preferences"
    • choose "EMails" in the left menu: here you can now add your email used for the abstract Speaker/Submitter
    • The email you should add is the one to which Indico acceptance notifications were sent.
  • Note that in the extreme case of CASE 1, where the author of the contribution has no email, only we can fix it.
  • CASE 2: try editing your contribution  to set the two flags in the field People set the Speaker and Submitter flags
  • if everything else fails or it is more convenient for you, send us the material and we will upload it for you
  • please consider that probably we did not understand all Indico tricks and solutions might not work