Jul 22 – 26, 2019
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Li2MoO4 phonon-scintillation detection system with MMC readout

Jul 25, 2019, 5:45 PM
1h 15m
Piazza Città di Lombardia (Milano)

Piazza Città di Lombardia


Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1, 20124 Milano MI
Poster Low Temperature Detector Applications Poster session


Hyelim Kim


We developed a measurement system for simultaneous detection of phonon and scintillation signals from Li2MoO4 crystals based on a metallic magnetic calorimeter (MMC) readout technology. The work was motivated to to check the properness of Li2MoO4 crystals as the main target molybdate crystals for the advance Mo-based rare process experiment (AMoRE). MMCs are one kind of the most sensitive detector technologies used in low temperature detectors. We have studied to surveying a proper scintillating crystal for the final stage experiment that is planning to use 100 kg of 100Mo isotope. Li2MoO4 is one of the promising crystal candidates among molybdate crystals for heat and light detection at mili-Kelvin temperatures. The choice of Li2MoO4 crystal as a target is advantageous in terms of crystal growth and internal background controls. However, its hygroscopic property requires handing care to keep transparent surface conditions. We carried out several sets of measurement using a Li2MoO4 in 5 cm diameter and 5 cm height in dilution refrigerator system. In the presentation we will summarize the difference of the detector performance depending on the surface condition of the crystals. The detector performance including particle identification and energy resolution is to be presented together with feasibility discussion to use Li2MoO4 for 200-kg scale experiment, AMoRE-II.

Student (Ph.D., M.Sc. or B.Sc.) Y
Less than 5 years of experience since completion of Ph.D Y

Primary author


Yeongduk Kim (Sejong University) Ms HJ Lee (Center for Underground Physics, Institute for Basic Science) Prof. HJ Kim (Kyungpook National University) Dr I Kim (Institute for Basic Science) Dr JH So (Institute for Basic Science) Dr MH Lee (Institute for Basic Science) Minkyu Lee Young-Hamb Kim (Institute for Basic Science)

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