Temperature dependence of bulk viscosity in SU(3)-gluodynamics

28 Jun 2017, 16:30


Victor Braguta (ITEP)


This report is devoted to the study of temperature dependence of bulk viscosity in SU(3)-gluodynamics. To calculate bulk viscosity we measured the correlation function of the trace anomaly for a set of temperatures in the region T/T_c \in (0.9, 1.5). We used multilevel algorithm which allowed us to improve the accuracy of the data. To extract the values of bulk viscosity we used two approaches: fitting of the data by physically motivated ansatz and the Backus-Gilbert method.

Primary author

Victor Braguta (ITEP)


Mr Andrey Kotov (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics) Mr Nikita Astrakhantsev (ITEP)

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