Detecting Signals into the Noise. In Memoriam: Franco Manfredi

Aula Volta (Università degli Studi di Pavia)

Aula Volta

Università degli Studi di Pavia

Corso Strada Nuova 65, I- 27100 Pavia, Italy
During his scientific career, Franco Manfredi oriented his research interests to radiation detectors, detector signal processing, noise limits in electron devices and front-end electronics for different detector applications. He led international projects in the area of low-noise front-end systems for the acquisition and processing of signals from radiation detectors in nuclear and elementary particle physics. His work was strongly inspired by his belief that front-end electronics developments are among the main forces responsible for the progress in physics. The invited presentations in this workshop will outline how Franco’s scientific work and ideas are still inspiring current research projects and activities in the field of detector front-end electronics, from mixed-signal CMOS rad-hard readout chips to very low-noise analog processing circuits for high-resolution silicon detectors.
  • Agostino Lanza
  • Alberto Fazzi
  • Alberto Pullia
  • Alessandro Cabrini
  • Alessandro Leona
  • Andrea Baschirotto
  • Andrea Castoldi
  • Andres Cicuttin
  • Carla Vacchi
  • Chang Liu
  • Chiara Guazzoni
  • Daniel DZAHINI
  • Daniele Marioli
  • Erik HEIJNE
  • Federico Montecchi
  • Fernando Palombo
  • Francesco Forti
  • francesco svelto
  • Gian-Franco Dalla Betta
  • Gianluca Traversi
  • Giovanni Batignani
  • Giovanni Magenes
  • Giuseppe Bertuccio
  • Guido Torelli
  • Hanen Ziri
  • ivo de lotto
  • Lodovico Ratti
  • Lothar Strueder
  • Luca Carbone
  • Luca Lodola
  • Mahdi Ahangarianabhari
  • Marcello Giorgi
  • Marco Carminati
  • Marco Croce
  • Marco Musacci
  • Marco Sampietro
  • Martina Sammartini
  • Massimo Gandola
  • Massimo Manghisoni
  • Paolo Arcioni
  • Piergiuseppe Maranesi
  • Piero Malcovati
  • Rinaldo Castello
  • Sergio Cova
  • Sergio Rescia
  • Stefano Maffessanti
  • Stefano Noli
  • Tommaso Parsani
  • Umberto Gatti
  • Valentino Liberali
  • Valeria SPEZIALI
  • Valerio Annovazzi Lodi
  • Valerio Re
  • vito svelto
  • Vittorio Degiorgio
  • Vittorio Ferrari
    • Introduction
      Convener: Lodovico Ratti (PV)
    • Morning Session
      Convener: Lodovico Ratti (PV)
      • 1
        Franco Manfredi in the R&D and HEP Programs of INFN
        Speaker: Valerio Italo Vercesi (PV)
      • 2
        Radiation-Tolerant Front-End Electronics: from the AToM Chip to 65 nm CMOS
        Speaker: Valerio Re (PV)
      • 3
        Toward the Ultimate Low-Noise Front-End Electronics for X-γ Ray Detectors: the Heritage of Franco Manfredi in Current Research
        Speaker: Giuseppe Bertuccio (MI)
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon Session
      Convener: Francesco Forti (PI)
      • 4
        Low Noise Front-End for High Energy Physics Experiments: from the Brookhaven Years to the Road Ahead
        Speaker: Sergio Rescia (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
      • 5
        Integrated Front-End Electronics for High Resolution Silicon Detectors
        Speaker: Lothar Strueder (PNSensor GmbH)
      • 6
        Use of Semiconductor Detectors in Flavour Physics
        Speaker: Marcello Giorgi (PI)
    • Coffee Break
    • Afternoon Session
      Convener: Marco Sampietro (Politecnico di Milano)
      • 7
        Imaging and Imagination, the Scene of Nuclear and Particle Physics
        Speaker: Erik Heijne (CERN)
      • 8
        Sensors and Energy Harvesting for Untethered Transducers
        Speaker: Vittorio Ferrari (Università di Brescia)
    • Conclusion
      Convener: Valerio Re (PV)
    • Social Dinner Santa Maria Gualtieri, Piazza della Vittoria, Pavia

      Santa Maria Gualtieri, Piazza della Vittoria, Pavia

      Santa Maria Gualtieri, Piazza della Vittoria, Pavia