18-23 June 2017
Laboratori Nazionali del Sud
Europe/Rome timezone

Invited speakers

List of the invited speakers

G. Martinez Pinedo

Nuclear input for r-process nucleosynthesis

C. Wrede

Beta decay spectroscopy studies of novae and x-ray bursts

M. Limongi

Hydrostatic and Explosive Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars

L. Lamia

THM measurements in nuclear astrophysics: recent results and future perspectives

F. Hammache

Study of stellar nucleosynthesis using indirect techniques

S. Courtin

Cross section measurements in the 12C+12C system

A. Formicola

Experimental challenges in Underground Nuclear Astrophysics Laboratory: present status and future opportunities

J. Blackmon

Studies of X-ray burst reactions with radioactive ion beams from RESOLUT

R. Hirschi

s process in massive stars: theoretical predictions and nuclear and stellar uncertainties

D. Balabanski

Nuclear physics and astrophysics ELI-NP: The emerging future

C. Mazzocchi

Investigating nuclear reactions at astrophysical energies with gamma-ray beams and an active-target TPC

A. Wallner

60Fe and 244Pu in deep-sea archives - a link to nearby supernova activity and r-process sites

S. Goriely

The r-process nucleosynthesis and related nuclear challenges

R. Surman

Nuclear masses and the r-process astrophysical site

J. Isern

New insights of SNIa from their gamma-ray emission

N. Colonna

Studies of (n,gamma) and (n,cp) reactions for Nuclear Astrophysics at the n_TOF neutron beam (CERN)

H.J. Quevedo

Fusion plasmas and neutron production from the interaction of D2 and CD4 clusters with contrast upgraded Texas Petawatt laser

B. Fields

When Stars Attack!  Live Radioisotopes Reveal Near-Earth Supernovae 

M. Gai

The Interaction of Neutrons With 7Be: Lack of Standard Nuclear Solution to the Primordial 7Li Problem

M. Lipoglavsek

Catalysis of nuclear reactions by electrons

G.G. Kiss

Beta-delayed neutron emission probability measurements for r process studies at RIKEN RIBF

L.A. Acosta Sanchez

Reaction production + AMS: An alternative method to study (d,alpha)26Al and (p,gamma)26Al reactions at low energies

E. Zas

Recent ultra high energy neutrino bounds and multimessenger observations with the Pierre Auger observatory

N. Soic

Measurements of the 20Ne+4He resonant elastic scattering for characterization of the 24Mg states at relevant excitations for carbon - carbon burning process

R. DeBoer

Background (a,n) reactions at low energies: 10,11B(a,n)13,14N

T. Kajino

Solving the mystery of r-process: mergers vs. supernovae

E. Pollacco

Novel Nuclear Astrophysics Instruments

Invited speakers: special session on Claudio Spitaleri achievements

M. Aliotta

And so it all began: Personal memories of the man behind the scientist

C. Bertulani (EPS Invited Speaker)

Clustering of light nuclei and electron screening in astrophysical environments

M. Busso

Subtilities in Stars: Indirect Evidence of Mixing Married to Indirect Nuclear Physics Methods

S. Cherubini


L. Gialanella

Italian nuclear astrophysicists in Kohlenpott

M. Lattuada


T. Motobayashi

Coulomb dissociation - another Trojan Horse

L. Trache

"Other" indirect methods for Nuclear Astrophysics

S. Typel

Theory of the Trojan-Horse Method - From the original idea to actual applications

V. Goldberg

Alpha-cluster structure populated in the resonance reactions induced by rare beams

Chairman: C. Broggini