June 6, 2016 to September 30, 2016
INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati <!--ID_UTENTE=509-->
Europe/Rome timezone

Mathematicians and theoretical physicists meet and discuss

outstanding issues and future research directions at the crossroads of

Gauge Fields, Strings and Holography

Operator Algebras and Quantum Field Theory

Condensed Matter and Critical Phenomena

an INdAM intensive  period  framed within the cooperation
agreement between CMTP and INFN

The program runs from June 6 to July 29 and from August 22 until September 30, 2016. Its purpose is to bring together leading international experts and talented young researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics, especially in Algebra, Operator Algebras, Geometry, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory and String Theory, in order to stimulate interaction and cross-fertilization between these disciplines. 

The format includes seminars, informal meetings and three topical workshops on Operator Algebras and Quantum Field Theory, Gauge and String Theory, Condensed Matter and Critical Phenomena. 

A Mathematical Physics school is planned as well. Office space, meeting rooms and access to the LNF Library will be provided. We welcome the participation of students and young postdocs. 

                                     October 7, 2016

Beyond the Crossroads...
 The program has concluded, and thanks to anyone who has helped making it a success!
One-day concluding event will take  place at INdAM on October 27


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