Geant4 Training Course

Library (Gran Sasso Science Institute)


Gran Sasso Science Institute

Viale Francesco Crispi, 7 - 67100 L'Aquila
Luciano Pandola (LNS) , Maddalena Antonello (LNGS)
The course will present a full overview of the main characteristics of the Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit, including Geant4 installation for Linux, geometry, tracking and physics processes. The goal of the course is to make the participants able to install Geant4 and to implement their own simple Geant4-based applications. The course will cover one week (Monday-Friday), with both theoretical lessons (approx. 20 hours) and hands-on practical sessions (approx. 16 hours). The course is open to researchers and students interested to Monte Carlo Methods, and in particular to physics of rare events. Please note that a limited number of 20 participants can be admitted. There are no participation fees.

Basic knowledge of the C++ computing language is required. Partecipants will need their own Personal Computer, equipped to support ssh connections with graphical windows (X11 forwarding) to a Linux machine that will be made available.
For Windows users, SSH Secure Shell (or putty) and xming-mesa are suggested. Additional fonts may be needed if willing to use emacs as text editor. The xming server must be launched before staring the SSH connection. To configure the SSH secure shell client for grafical forwarding: Edit->Settings->Tunneling. The select the "Tunnel X11 connections" and click "OK".
No additional software is needed for Linux and Mac users.

Additional material will be available online or distributed in electronic format.
The exercises for the hands-on training session will be posted in this webpage


  • Andrea Gallo Rosso
  • Andrea Mandarano
  • Bruno Rodriguez Cardoso
  • Claudio Savarese
  • Domenico D'Urso
  • Floriana Bartolucci
  • Francesco Lombardi
  • Francesco Nozzoli
  • Giovanni Francesco Ciani
  • Lucia Consiglio
  • Matteo Duranti
  • Mora Durocher
  • Sergey Dmitrievsky
  • Silviu Udrescu