Dec 9 – 11, 2015
Dipartimento di Fisica, Univ. Bari - INFN Sezione di Bari
Europe/Rome timezone
SM&FT 2015 Computational approaches in Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems

Superfluids of charged mesons

Dec 10, 2015, 10:40 AM
Aula B

Aula B


Massimo Mannarelli (LNGS)


We present various results regarding the chemical potential driven meson condensation. A system of mesons at vanishing temperature can undergo a phase transition to various superfluid phases by varying the isospin chemical potential and/or the strange quark chemical potential. In the condensed phase one of the charged mesons becomes the superfluid mode, the mesons are mixed and their masses depend in a nontrivial way on the isospin and strange quark chemical potential. The leptonic decay channels are also affected by the meson condensation, indeed some of these channels have a peculiar nonmonotonic behavior as a function of the isospin chemical potential.

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