Sep 14 – 16, 2015
Castello Angioino, Gallipoli, ITALY
Europe/Rome timezone

Tau Now

Sep 16, 2015, 12:30 PM
Castello Angioino, Gallipoli, ITALY

Castello Angioino, Gallipoli, ITALY

New Technology and Next generation of Experiments New Technologies and Next generation of Experiments


Prof. Daniele Fargion (ROMA1)


PeV neutrino has been found in ICECUBE. The mixing along galactic distance guarantee the presence of PeV Tau neutrinos among astrophysical signals, whose direct detection is subject of deep research since a decade at different UHECR experiments , mostly at EeV energies; these UHE tau neutrino while skimming the Earth (Horizontal Tau airshowers) may shower upward to the sky. The EeV tau neutrino are a guaranteed signal if UHECR are nucleons: But if they are mostly nuclei the expected signals is at PeVs. Therefore, kwowing their angular distribution and rate, we propose here a novel detection signature that has not been yet considered. The signal, may be already recorded in AUGER and TA records.


Tau airshower are a guaranteed corollary of PeVs neutrino astronomy. We show here that after of a decade of unsuccesfull research the Tau Airshower signal is at hand, now.

Primary author

Prof. Daniele Fargion (ROMA1)

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