13-20 September 2015
Santa Tecla (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone

List of confirmed speakers


M. Barbui Studying nuclear reactions in plasma conditions
C. Bertulani Indirect methods in nuclear astrophysics
S. Bishop Discovery of Supernova-produced 60Fe in the Earth's fossil record
C. Broggini Nuclear astrophysics with LUNA
A. Coc Non-standard neutron sources in BBN
N. Colonna Neutron induced reactions at n-TOF
S. Degl'Innocenti Introduction to stellar evolution
R. Diehl Gamma-ray astrophysics
A. Di Leva Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics with ERNA
M. El Eid AGB stars
M. Hass Explosive nucleosynthesis with RIB
J. Josè Novae astrophysics and related nucleosynthesis
T. Kajino Neutrino physics in astrophysics
K.L. Kratz Physics of r-processes
S. Kubono Nu-p process in supernovae scenario
K.H. Langanke Neutrino-nucleus reactions
M. Lugaro The s-process in AGB stars
F. Matteucci Introduction to galactic chemical evolution
M. Mazzocco RIB production at LNL: the EXOTIC project
B. Meyer Massive star nucleosynthesis
J. Mrazek The ANC method for experimental nuclear astrophysics
S. Nishimura Neutron rich nuclei for r-process
M. Pignatari Recent developments about i-process
C. Spitaleri The Trojan Horse Method for experimental nuclear astrophysics
O. Tesileanu Perspectives for nuclear astrophysics at ELI-NP
L. Trache Experimental nuclear astrophysics at NIPNE
M. Turner BBN in the precision era
T. Uesaka Experimental nuclear astrophysics at RIKEN
M. Viviani Application of few-nucleon physics to astrophysics
P. Woods Introduction to experimental nuclear astrophysics
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