Mar 2 – 6, 2015
Palazzo Franchetti, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti
Europe/Rome timezone

List of Accepted Poster

List of Accepted Poster (in Author's Alphabetical Order):

Marica Baldoncini: Detecting Geoneutrinos and reactor antineutrinos in the world

Stefania Bordoni: Searches for short baseline neutrino oscillations with the T2K off-axis near detector

Robert Bormuth: A deep sea detection prototype

Annarita Buonaura: Neutrino physics with the SHIP experiment

Benjamin Büttner: The Muon-Tracking-System of the OPERA Experiment

Valentina Ceriale: TES detector and array production for the HOLMES experiment

Yaping Cheng: Determination of Supernovae Direction with Reconstructed Positron Information

Joao Coelho: CHIPS R&D: Designing a low-cost Water-Cherenkov detector

Stefano Dell’Oro: Status on the search for neutrinoless double beta decay, circa 2015

Angela Di Virgilio: The GINGER Project and status of the ringlaser of LNGS

Evangelia Drakopoulou: Muon and Neutrino Energy Reconstruction for KM3NeT

Behzad Hosseini: Energy Measurement of Electromagnetic Showers for the detection of the τ         → e Channel in the OPERA Search for Neutrino Oscillations

Hyunkwan Seo: Status of RENO-50

Marija Kekic: Neff versus the lightest neutrino mass

Mikko Meyer: SOX: Neutrino Oscillometry in Borexino

Lorenzo Pagnanini: CALDER: Cryogenic Light Detector for rare event searches

Laura Pasqualini: A novel spectrometer for neutrino experiments

Chiara Perrina: Search for ultra-high energy neutrinos from above the horizon with the ANTARES Telescope

Giulio Pizzigoni: Fabrication of Absorber with Ho­163 for the Neutrino Mass Searches in the HOLMES project

Andrei Puiu: HOLMES, an experiment for a direct measurement of neutrino mass

Marco Roda: Appearance of new physics phenomena in the OPERA neutrino experiment

Romain Roncin: Borexino: from the Sun to the Earth
Li Shengchao: Reconstruction of Spallation Neutron Kinematics in Antineutrino Detectors

Matteo Tenti: Search for sterile neutrino mixing in the muon neutrino to tau neutrino appearance channel with the OPERA detector

Laura Vanhoefer: Neutron Shielding Simulations and Muon-induced Neutrons

Brandon White: The MAJORANA Demonstrator Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment