July 10, 2014
Europe/Rome timezone

Title: INFN What Next DM GdL SeeVogh meeting 4

SeeVogh meeting Description:
Community: INFN (Italy)
Password: whatnextdm
Meeting type: Open Meeting (Round Table)

Meeting Access Information (use this if you are a registered user of the "INFN Community"):
SeeVoghRN Application http://research.seevogh.com/joinSRN?meeting=MMMeMn292aDIDD9l9iD29M
WebStart (Java) http://research.seevogh.com/join?meeting=MMMeMn292aDIDD9l9iD29M
Mobile App: Meeting ID: 697 8952 or Link: http://research.seevogh.com/join?meeting=MMMeMn292aDIDD9l9iD29M

Guests Access Information (use this if you are NOT a registered user of the "INFN Community"):
SeeVoghRN Application http://research.seevogh.com/joinSRN?guest=4006970149743889040011305987
WebStart (Java) http://research.seevogh.com/join?guest=4006970149743889040011305987
Mobile App (only from link) http://research.seevogh.com/join?guest=4006970149743889040011305987

Phone Bridge ID: 697 8952 Password: 5495
Skype (tm) (World-wide) evo.phone See: http://evo.caltech.edu/evoGate/Documentation/extclient/skype/skype.html

ota: Se siete registrati a SeeVogh come utenti INFN, utilizzate i link sopra riportati come Meeting Access Information. Se invece non siete registrati come utenti INFN (o vi collegate da un dominio non INFN), utilizzate i link sopra riportati come Guests Access Information. In questo caso vi verra' chiesto di inserire il vostro nome, e a seguire la password del Meeting (riportata sopra, i.e. whatnextdm).