Mar 3 – 6, 2015
Piazza Armerina (En), Sicily, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
The ASY-EOS-2015 workshop is the fourth edition of a series of topical conferences organized in Sicily by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Catania and the Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS) and University of Catania.
The main aim of the ASY-EOS topical conferences consists of strengthening the link of scientific communities involved in the study of nuclear reactions and their implications on exotic nuclear systems and states of asymmetric nuclear matter. In addition to the investigation of the symmetry energy in nuclear physics, the forthcoming edition of the ASY-EOS-2015 meeting will focus towards the relevance on nuclear reaction mechanisms at the future radioactive beam facilities.
One session of the workshop will be devoted to the relevance of heavy-ion collisions on the study of the neutrinosphere in Core Collapse supernovae; this session will pay a special attention to the educational aspect.
A special prize, offered by our sponsor CAEN-Electronic Instrumentation ( will be assigned to the best talk given by a under 35 speaker.
March the 6th will be dedicated to a special ASY-EOS collaboration meeting. The meeting will focus on the status of the analysis of the experiment S394 performed at GSI in spring 2011 and on future perspectives.
As in the previous editions, special attention will be devoted to the valorization of Sicilian cultural resources and the dissemination of scientific and technologic research.This edition of the ASY-EOS workshop will take place in the historic town of Piazza Armerina (Enna), famous for its ancient Roman villa of the fourth century AD, "Villa romana del casale". With an area of over 3500 square meters, the Villa was the hunting residence of Maximilian Herculean, co-emperor of Diocletian in the management of the Roman Empire. It is now an amazing testimony of life in Roman times due to its mosaic floors, famous throughout the world.
More information are available in the 1st and 2nd circulars (see below).