Sep 24 – 27, 2024
Europe/Rome timezone

Physics in the AI era is the first International Conference completely organized by Young Researchers which supports the active participation of Young Researchers.

The event is organized to provide a balanced alternation of "Senior" and "Young" talk sessions on the field of the Artificial Intelligence and Physics. This will give the opportunity to early-stage researchers, severely penalized by the pandemic, to spread their work, but also to experienced scientists to be aware of original research inputs coming from younger physicists.

The workshop will involve the Department of Physics at the University of Pisa and the Scuola Normale Superiore. Furthermore, it will engage both the theoretical and experimental research groups, both of which are large, active, and rich in personalities in Pisa. This will allow many more PhD students and young researchers to participate and gain productive experiences from the workshop.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous scientific and technological sectors. However, in the field of physics, the potential for interdisciplinary dialogue is often overlooked.

This workshop aims to bridge this gap by promoting constructive dialogue between the physics community and that of artificial intelligence. The idea is to explore together the potential that AI can offer in the field of physics and how this can bring significant benefits to both communities, inviting renowned experts from both sectors.

The workshop will take place over 4 days, three of which will focus on a theme currently central in scientific discourse, in particular regarding Complex Systems Physics, Particle Physics, and Cosmology. The days will be organized so that in the morning, experts in computer science will describe cutting-edge techniques related to AI, while in the afternoon, expert physicists and young researchers will introduce how these techniques can be utilized in their field.

No FEE is required.

Organizing committee contact information:

Ruben Forti

Elia Giulio Grandoni

Giulio Marino

Luca Parente

Eleonora Proietti

Foteini Faidra Trantou

Antoine Venturini

Daniela Breitman

Samuel Gagnon-Hartman

Manuel Naviglio

Francesco Tarantelli