Apr 22 – 26, 2024
Orto Botanico di Roma
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TeV/m Electron Acceleration in Carbon Nanotubes

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Aranciera (Orto Botanico di Roma)


Orto Botanico di Roma

Botanical Garden of Rome Museum of Sapienza University of Rome Largo Cristina di Svezia 24 00165 Roma, RM


Cristian Bontoiu


We report the first numerical demonstration of electron self-injection and resonant acceleration in ordered carbon nanotube (CNT) structures. Using the PIConGPU code CNT bundles are modelled as 25-nm-thick carbon tubes of 1e22 cm^-3 plasma density. Following their ionization with 3-cycles-long laser pulse of 800 nm wavelength and 1ed21 W/cm^2 peak intensity, laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA) is triggered in the resulting carbon plasma with an effective density of 1e20-1e21 cm^-3. Simulation results indicate that self-injected fs-long electron bunches with hundreds of pC charge can be accelerated at gradients which exceed 1 TeV/m. Both charge and accelerating gradient figures are unprecedented when compared with LWFA in gaseous plasma.

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