October 9, 2023 to October 11, 2024
Centro Polifunzionale Studenti
Europe/Rome timezone

Understanding how blackholes form and evolve over cosmic history remains a major challenge in current astrophysical research. Knowledge of galaxy and black hole formation can also help to provide constraints on dark matter scenarios and discern the sources of neutrinos. Multiwavelength observations from EPTA, eRosita, IXPE, JWST and EHT are starting to reveal valuable information on the structure and properties of BHs, including their surrounding accretion disks. The fourth observing run of LVK is in the middle of its planned 20 month-long period of data taking, driving the total number of observed GW events past 100 and extending the BNS range past 160 Mpc. All of these factors combined truly make this a golden era for multi-messenger astrophysics. This fifth edition of  the Gravi-Gamma-Nu Workshop will be dedicated to covering the latest observational results on AGN and blackholes combined with highlights on novel simulation techniques and analysis methods.

Centro Polifunzionale Studenti
Piazza Cesare Battisti, 1, 70121 Bari BA
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