Sep 13 – 14, 2023
University of Naples Federico II-Department of Humanistic Studies & INFN-Gran Sasso National Laboratory
Europe/Rome timezone


Applied technologies are becoming increasingly important in the practice of archaeology and numismatics. In the third year of the Roman Lead project (2021-2023, directed by Emanuela Spagnoli and Stefano Nisi), the research team of the Department of Humanistic Studies of University of Naples Federico II and the Gran Sasso group of Cultural Heritage Network of National Institute for Nuclear Physics are hosting a two-day international congress on Archaeo.Metals (Ag, Pb, Cu): Ores, Bullion Circulation, Monetary Metallurgy; Archaeometric approaches in Archaeology and Numismatics: Data review and Ongoing Research (September 13-14, 2023).

The conference is being held at the University of Naples Federico II - Dipartimento Studi Umanistici, via Porta di Massa 1, Naples (Day 1) and at Gran Sasso National Laboratory of INFN, via G. Acitelli 22, Assergi, L'Aquila (Day 2). 

The purpose of the conference is to present new research projects and best practices concerning archaeometry of metals: methods, technologies and their application in the cultural heritage sector (Archaeology and Numismatics) as well as thorough discussions of selected case-studies. The sessions are focused on interdisciplinary and current issues. The congress provides the opportunity to present a range of topics, from the presentation of new projects, preliminary reports or the exchange of experiences and smaller tweaks in the application of already established methods and technologies in archaeometry on metals.

Several speakers have been invited, including scholars, researchers and experts in the field who are currently working on various research projects concerning the interpretation of the new data from Archaeometry applied to Silver-Lead-Bronze in the field of Archaeology and Numismatics (from Pre-Roman Age to Late Antiquity). The interventions are structured chronologically in four sessions: 1. Archaeometry of metals. Case studies and perspective of research; 2. Bullion circulation; 3. Monetary metallurgy; 4. Ores and mines exploitation. The participants present and discuss the results from their research projects and/or introduce preliminary studies in order to share data and ideas.

Coin images: bronze of Neapolis (3rd century BCE), Roman imperial denarius argenteus (Vespasian) and billon radiate (III century CE); a Roman lead token. Courtesy of the Ministero della Cultura: © PaFleg, © PaOant, © Napoli, MAN. Graphic elaboration by Iolanda S. Pagano.






The conference is funded by University of Naples Federico II and INFN.

The conference is patronized by Istituto Italiano di Numismatica (Palazzo Barberini, via Quattro Fontane 13, 00184 Roma).

University of Naples Federico II-Department of Humanistic Studies & INFN-Gran Sasso National Laboratory
Via Porta di Massa 1, Napoli Via G. Acitelli 22, Assergi (L'Aquila)